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We are THE top provider of paediatric (children’s) first aid across the UK, training around a thousand families a week.

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Our Multi Award winning classes are delivered in a relaxed and comfortable style and give you confidence to know what actions to take if faced with a medical emergency.

Mini First Aid offers a range of classes across the UK for all the family; parents, grandparents, carers and for children as young as three years old, training them in basic and life-saving first aid.


Meet The Trainers

Caroline Boyd

Hi, I'm Caroline, mum to Ayla, Sophie & Ben. I'm a registered nurse with over 20 years experience and a background in Critical Care and ED Nursing. I have been a clinical teacher for the past eight years and also work as a nurse advisor for the Out of Hours/Urgent Care Service. I often take calls from anxious parents looking for advice on lots of things from rashes to head bumps to managing fevers, and I have lots of knowledge and experience in dealing with rapidly changing and emergency situations. I love my teaching role in healthcare and feel passionate about helping parents, grandparents and carers develop their first aid knowledge and skillset, to become confident in their actions and able to stay calm when dealing with an emergency. I also believe that all children deserve to learn first aid skills throughout their education and am very excited that it now forms part of the teaching curriculum. In our award winning programmes, kids not only learn basic first aid skills and what to do in an emergency, but also how to stay calm and stay safe.

Cathy Shannon

My name is Cathy, I’m a Registered Nurse and have nursed across Northern Ireland in a variety of healthcare settings since 2008. I currently work in the High Dependency Unit in my local hospital, and also teach first aid for the Southern Regional College. I’m fascinated about how the body works to protect us and passionate about how we can help each other with first aid. I believe these lifesaving skills are fundamental to building resilience and community spirit in our children and enabling adults to help a child in an emergency. Not knowing what to do is frightening. Knowing what to do is empowering and could save a life. Even the simplest actions of staying calm and calling for help could be enough. I am mum to two young children and have practised lots of first aid at home; rashes, cuts, bumps, bruises, stings, choking, poisoning, to name a few. They are referenced regularly in my classes! First Aid should be everyday knowledge for everyone and I am humbled and thrilled to be part of the Mini First Aid Team to help deliver this. In my spare time I look after my chickens, take the dog for a walk and love outdoor swimming in Warrenpoint or Camlough lake.



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