Here at Mini First Aid, we’re passionate about making parenting as simple and stress-free as possible. Babywearing is a great way to keep your hands free whilst having your baby close to you, allowing you to keep an eye on them and get things done at the same time. Founder of Mini First Aid (and mum of six!) Kate Ball loves babywearing. She says:


“I have worn all 6 of my babies over the years.  It's practical and safe but also gives you the most lovely close bond with baby or babies in my case! I didn't just wear my babies when out and about, baby wearing at home settles baby and leaves me hands free to manage the rest of my brood.”


Like Kate, Leonie from Cheeky Rascals is a huge fan of babywearing. Read on for Leonie’s lovely blog which highlights the many benefits of babywearing.


Keeping extra close

One of the biggest benefits of babywearing is the closeness it brings for you and your baby. Having your baby’s body secure against your chest can help you to foster a stronger bond with your child. Many parents find it massively increases their feelings of connection with their new baby, helping to combat postnatal depression and other common parental mental health issues.

Babywearing is a really effective method for easing feelings of detachment by bringing you closer with your new baby. It also increases levels of oxytocin in both parent and child, building feelings of love and security. You may find that your baby also sleeps easier when babywearing as they feel more protected compared to if you put them down.


Peace of mind

With your baby close to your chest, you can monitor them at all times. This means you can keep an eye on their temperature, breathing and nap times as they’re within easy kissing distance. This gives you greater peace of mind, allowing you to get on with your day without constant worry about how your baby is faring.

At the same time, your baby will benefit from being close to you too, hearing your breathing and heartbeat, as well as feeling your touch. Babywearing can help to promote a secure bond between parent and child, reducing feelings of anxiety. Anxiety is a really common postnatal mental illness that can quickly take over. Babywearing reduces cortisol levels in mums and babies, lessening stress and helping your baby to settle.


Everyday convenience

As well as building a positive bond between you and your baby, babywearing can also be really important for giving you a hands free option for carrying. Babywearing secures your baby against your body meaning both your hands are available for getting on with the activities that are important to you. Whether that’s tidying up the house, going out for a coffee with friends or playing with your children, babywearing is the most convenient option.

When you have a new baby, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed by the new responsibility and changes in your life. Babywearing is a fantastic way to look after your baby, whilst taking time for yourself. There’s no need to be tied to the sofa or the nursery as your baby is right there with you, snuggly against your body.


Finding a normal routine

Thanks to the hands free carrying style, babywearing can make an enormous difference to how quickly you’re able to resume a normal routine after having a baby. You can get on with things around the house, make nourishing meals to maintain your health and get out and about. Going for a walk or doing light exercise can generate endorphins which helps you feel good. These are all essential activities for feeling in control and positive, as parenthood can be quite overwhelming!

Establishing a routine that works with your new family is a really good way to keep yourself on track and positive. Babywearing helps to avoid the feeling that you are trapped or tied to the house, giving you the freedom to do things for yourself and establish a positive, healthy daily schedule.


Carrying for every type

Babywearing isn’t restrictive, there are plenty of different ways to carry and a range of wraps and carriers to choose from. The important thing is that you find one that fits your body and your needs. You can experiment with different styles until you find the one that works with your unique parent-baby pairing.

The easiest style for beginners is a soft buckle carrier. This offers the closeness of a traditional wrap carrier but you don’t need to learn any tying techniques - simply clip the buckles, adjust the straps and get going. If you prefer more flexibility, a woven or stretch wrap can be a great choice, giving you a softer carrying option. With any carrying style, you should be able to hold your baby without the use of your hands and minimal discomfort in your back and hips. Keep adjusting your carrier until it is comfortable and your baby is fully supported.


Babywearing basics

Babywearing is a really simple way to manage life and baby in the best possible way. You will both benefit from the extra closeness it provides, whilst giving you the chance to get on with other activities.

The only thing to remember is the 5 TICKS for safe carrying. When babywearing, your baby needs to be: 

1) Tight against your chest 

2) In view at all times 

3) Close enough to kiss 

You must also make sure to:

4) Keep your baby's chin off their chest

5) Keep your baby's back supported


It is easy to get started with baby wearing and as you gain confidence, you can try different carrying styles. Don’t be scared to give it a go and feel the benefits of babywearing for yourself!


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