Thousands of people in the UK die from choking every year.  It can happen quickly, and the effects can be devastating. Choking is a leading cause of death for children under the age of three. 

And because parents on our classes tell us that their biggest fear is choking, Mini First Aid have launched 'Sit, Chop, Chew' – our safe eating campaign.

‘Sit, Chop, Chew’ promotes the basic principles of SAFE EATING to families (both adults and children) to reduce the fear of choking and the number of choking incidents themselves. The campaign is supported by Dr. Jamie Cooper, Consultant in Emergency Medicine at Royal Aberdeen Children’s Hospital who is working to raise awareness about the risks of choking for young children.


Dr Jamie Cooper passes on his experience:

“I have personal experience that choking on food remains a regular cause of death in fit and healthy children.  The risks can be minimised by giving food to children when they are seated upright, usually at a table, in a calm and supervised environment (not running around or in situations where they can be distracted) and by preparing food in appropriate size chunks so they can be easily chewed before swallowing. 

I am therefore wholeheartedly supporting the 'Sit, Chop, Chew' campaign to promote safe eating habits in young children.”


'Sit, Chop, Chew' book

Kate Ball, Mini First Aid’s founder has written the children’s book ‘Sit, Chop, Chew’ and developed a themed Early Years class as a fun way to help children learn about safe eating and to help parents relax at meal times. The book can accompany the class and be read at home.

'Sit, Chop, Chew' is the second in the popular series about the fictional character ‘Freddie’ and his friends, eating together at nursery and learning about food. The colourful story is a fun and engaging way of teaching children about safe eating and how to prevent choking.

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'Sit, Chop, Chew': Early Years class

Following the success of our first award winning Early Years first aid class, our new ‘Sit, Chop, Chew’ is an Early Years class designed to teach children about how to eat safely. The hands-on class engages the children through song, story, actions and play to teach them the key messages of the class: 'Sit, Chop, Chew'.  Children even get the chance to practise back blows on teddy and to chop up their own food.

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Why attending a Mini First Aid class is so important...

Ruth Wilson, one of Mini First Aid’s trainers in Cambridge shared a story from a class participant last week. Their experience was scary and is worth sharing:

“We completed the Mini First Aid course when our baby was tiny and I am now very thankful we did. At 8 months old and into everything, he started to choke on an ice cube. He went red, couldn’t cough and was starting to go blue. The invaluable advice learnt at the course most certainly helped to save his life! Thank you Mini First Aid’. X


Choke Testers

Mini First Aid works with partners on choking including 'Fred Safety' who are offering us a great prize this week too! CLICK HERE to see a great video about choking hazards and a demo of the ChokeTester from 'Fred Safety':


Competition Time!

To help parents and carers out there with their choking concerns we are giving away one 30 minute Mini First Aid 'Sit, Chop, Chew' class for 12 lucky children at a school or nursery. 

In addition we have partnered with 'Fred Safety' and TEN runners up will receive a Home Safety Check Took Kit, which includes a choke safety tester.


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