When we find a business that is great for families, does good and helps the environment we have to tell you about it. Mum and You are an inspirational business designing wipes and nappies that are kind to the environment.  Read their story; learn about how Mum and You came about, their charitable work and how you could win some of their amazing eco nappies and biodegradable wipes.

Say hello to Laura from Mum and You, Laura is a mum to a lively toddler. Last year she joined the small team of mums at Mum & You.  She’s currently using more baby wipes than ever before while tackling the potty training stage, so she knows what she’s talking about.......


I remember the first venture into baby shopping after finding out I was pregnant. I’d waited a few weeks, but excitement got the better of me and I convinced my partner we should head to Mothercare ‘just for a look around’.

I wasn’t prepared for how overwhelming this turned out to be. Holding his hand turned into holding him up as we mentally clocked just how much there was to take in, and how many choices were going to be presented to us over the next few months. Forget cute outfits, we now had to make choices over sleeping arrangements, breast pumps, bottle shapes, dummies or no dummies, tiny nail clippers or tiny nail scissors (both turned out to be useless), and the type of nappies and baby wipes we wanted – how could there be so many varieties of the same thing?!

Of course, once the baby turns up, these decisions are forgotten about (because you’re too knackered mainly), so the products that your baby’s skin comes into direct contact with are worth a little research ahead of time. Newborn skin is incredibly delicate, that’s why Mum & You has produced baby wipes that are 99.5% natural and designed especially with newborns in mind. The gentle formula is hypoallergenic, over 98% water, and made using plant-based fibres.

Are ingredients the only thing on our minds as parents, though? One look at the news reminds us of the damage plastic is causing to the planet, and sometimes it’s not until you have a baby that you realise the extent of where plastic is used. Traditional baby wipes are made using plastic fibres, each taking over 100 years to break down, polluting rivers and beaches with microplastics in the meantime. Mum & You baby wipes are plastic free and 100% biodegradable, breaking down to nothing in just 4-6 weeks, and suitable for home composting. Life as a new mum is tough and exhausting, so not having to compromise on convenience is a brilliant focus of companies like M&Y.

Mum & You doesn’t just look after its customer’s babies, but sets out to help families all over the UK by providing essential hygiene products to those in need. For every nappy and baby wipe subscription sold, M&Y donates a pack of nappies to The Hygiene Bank.


Mum & You eco-nappies and baby wipes are available online at www.mumandyou.com, Amazon and Ocado.

Head to www.mumandyou.com to find out more.


Competition Time!

If reading this has made you want to switch to Mum and You nappies for the little bums in your house then this competition is for you! The lovely people at Mum and You have given us a MONTHS supply of their wonderful eco-nappies and biodegradable wipes and it could be yours! 

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